Europe is the home of knights and chivalry. Chivalry is a very important characteristic of knights since the beginning of Knighthood in Europe. This knighthood was spread from the Celtic groups and it came also to a religious institution established by the Catholic Military order after the first Crusade. Around the 12th century, Huges de Payens, a French knight came to start the first group of a religious-military group in order to organize a pilgrimage towards the sacred mountain of the Jew.

This is to protect each and every one during the journey and to reach the holy land safely. There were 9 Knight all in all including Payens as the leader. Due to their perseverance to set their foot on the Holy Land, they were able to reach the place without any hesitation and they fearlessly trod the path with Chivalry. True to their effort, the Roman Catholic church established a Knight Templar.

Of course, there is nothing to remember except that they have faith in God so they were commended that much and they are now making every effort to make sure that they follow the teachings of the churches, otherwise, they will be criticized. 1129 was the year these thirteen knights were recognized as the most honorable Christian Knights. From then on, the Catholic church establishes the Knight Templar o the Temple of Solomon. Of course, the Knights were called fearless human beings in those days and in the heart of many people. They could have been the first to awarded as King of Chivalry.