The Catholic church is one of the most important thing to understand in the Medieval Era. In reality, the church has great influence in politics and society in Europe. In history, people have been mentioning about the church when it comes to political and religious power.

The Knights who have grown to be honorable in the society were branded as heroes and noble men in the history. Knights in Europe were actually influenced by the church so they would become one who will honor the church.

The church gave them them the authority to pull their strength to pursue there dreams. There is another thing that they have to do when they are making all their efforts.

It is not real in their life to enjoy being a knight but they have come to choose this path and sacrifice themselves in order to serve their God, fulfill their faith and serve their society. This is how they were instigated by the church. For sure, they also have faith in God so they have come to fulfill their love for God.

They also have come to be influenced by their religious family and and their love of the country. There are so lots to hope for about all the things of the religious moments in time of eternity. They think that there is no need to retreat if you have love in you.

They love their church that much so they come to follow the dictate of the religious authorities although they know how hard it is.