The middle east is one of the part of the world where there are Christians but they are being affected by the war that is going on endlessly. If you will see there are many areas that conflicts are being recorded. That is why many Christians cannot be able to grow in number as they are also persecuted and many leave their country. Even if they do not want to leave but because of the war that is very active so they have to.

You can understand their situation in the infographic above as it provides details into the situation of the Christians. There are many who live in other countries as refugees as they cannot stay in their country because they will then just be a subject of the violence. You can see the numbers provided above about the Christians in different countries in the Middle East that fled their countries and choose to be a refugee rather than suffer from the hands of the militants as they are an easy target of violence.

There is a concern that Christianity is slow to grow because of the difficulties and problems due to war also as compared to other religions who have increased in number. But it should be noted that it is not about the number of Christians but those who have the true faith and the ones who follow the commands of God. They would be the one that God would welcome into the kingdom of heaven freely.

Understanding the status of Christianity in the Middle East