Here are the countries that have knights in history. These countries have preserved their culture to this very day. For example:

United Kingdom is a country that have produced many knights in their history. It is because, their days were days of war and hardship. It is not too much to think that their is still the kind of knighthood in the nation. They have come to keep their arts about knights and through writing, people revealed the knighthood in their era.

England is another Celtic country that is part of the British empire and that have a rival between and among nations using their knights during the Medieval and Victorian era.

Spain is one of the nations that care about the society and protect its people through the knights. There are stories about knights fighting with each other and there are so people who died because of injustices. Of course, people did not mind to die when they are in battle but it is wrong to die without any reason.

Denmark is one of the settings of the stories about knights and nobility. Some of the stories of Shakespeare mostly focus on Denmark. There are also tragic end of the knights especially when they do their best to protect their country and its reputation. It is more on the part of the knights to serve and die because this is why they came to be a knight.

Italy is a place of Knight Templar serving in their nation to attain its peace and safety.

Countries that has Knights in History