The world is now facing the drastic change of everything in the world. This is why knights also have changed from traditional to modern ones. In fact, there are not famous knight in this age compared to the old ages when knights appear in noble appearance and in novels as people with shining armour. Knight in the past were really very respected and treated as noble people. Their position is very high so people would look up to them.

Traditional knights come to make sure of all the things that they have to do. They really act as knights. Modern knights are found nowhere. Traditional knights are full of physical armour and as well as spiritual armour as they said. Modern Knights are not seen because they have no uniform. There are many things to be reminded of when thinking bout the knights. Traditional Knights come to the point of maintaining justice. Knights come to protect what is right and drive away evil. However, today is different because there are many changes.

Knights somehow lost that traditional mindset in becoming one do the can not be more professional than the people in the past. Knights come to respect women and save them from when they need them. Nowadays, there is lacking in respect of women. This is because the society has been modernized and that it has become weak. Though the world looks so powerful , actually, it has become so weak. Although people think that they have become powerless, in reality, they have become so weak.

Traditional Knights and Modern Knights