Many people like to be in battle even if they do not understand much how risky it is and dangerous. There are many in the population who wants to be a soldier or army or police as they want action and to protect the country or the people. But there are things that we just want to imagine them and sound very enthusiastic about it. When it comes to the actual thing they cannot be able to raise their hand and fight but just froze in fear.

In the video, you have seen about a knight that is being prepared for a battle. The knight is being dressed wearing the whole body armor. Knights are not just normal fighters as they have their own servants who help them perform their duties. In the video, you can see how it is done one by one. From the leg armor into the upper body and the helmet. You may wonder how heavy is it that they can fight and still wear that kind of armor.

You can see that their armor is very detailed and is one that is of very good quality of craftsmanship to fit the knight and to allow him also to move freely. It is not easy to fight when you have a heavy burden you have to carry. That is why the group of the knight’s templar is not just any group but they are from the wealthy families and the training they have is also very good.



An interesting demonstration of arming a medieval knight for battle