Many people are being a skeptic of the Bible because it has many written prophecies that they do not understand. Also, they do not want to understand it but just want to know what arguments they will ask a person who tries to share to them about the Bible. They want to gain knowledge not for knowing the way of salvation but the knowledge that they can use in this world. They want to hear what their ears want to hear and follow what they want only.

That is the reason why they question the Bible and try to make it just like a book that is written by man. They say they believe in it but they do not really follow it. How can you say you believe without doing what it says. It is just an illustration of the situation of having the so called with but without the deed, so that is a dead kind of faith. When you say you believe you must obey it and not question it.

It was already known that the words of the Bible was written by human hands but they were the words that came from God. That is why even if the Bible was translated into many languages it contains the same meaning and the words that testify about the Saviour and Creator remains intact. The infographic above provides a great information about the Bible that you need to understand if you have doubt about its authenticity.

The summarized history of the Bible translation (250 BC-1611)