There has been much writing about the knight’s templar because of what they have achieved. They are the ones who became a symbol of bravery and also knowledge. They are famous and everyone who is a member enjoys many benefits except that they should live in simplicity and even poverty but they should also surrender their wealth to the group before they can be a member. The group itself is very wealthy but the individual knights do not possess anything. Here is a list of the grand masters.

They claim to be the soldiers who will protect the pilgrimage going into the places that Jesus went. It is also good to retrace the paths of Jesus but if you will not find the path of salvation that he opened then it is utterly meaningless. Many people in this world just want to do what they think is the one that will give them comfort and salvation but they turn away from the commandments of God and seek other things.

That is why it was already written that not all who call on the name of the Lord and that is Jesus cannot be saved but only the ones who will follow and put into practice the commands of Jesus. What is the one among the commands of Jesus that you know and that we should follow? If you cannot answer a very sure answer then you must not be relaxed but search for the truth for the sake of the salvation of your own soul.


Knowing the list of the grand masters of the knights’ Templar