In this article, I also want to share something about Christianity and of Islam. These two are a different religion as they also have different names for the one they considered as God. Sometimes this can become a sensitive issue but that is not what I want to have here. I just found an interesting infographic that illustrates some of the differences of the two and that is why I also want to share it for the readers to be able to have knowledge of it.

There are five things that were shown as differences of the Christian God and the Islam God. You can read each of them and verify if all of this is true on your own as I do not also attest to the complete correct information on the infographic. If you have any objection you can send an email for us to be able to do something about it. But as for this moment, the above differences exist between the two religion.

One difference also is that the Christians have same Bible they use except for the addition that was added by a Christian religion but it is not related to salvation. Jesus did not use any verse from it so it is not a reliable one and no connection for true faith. The Islam has their own Bible that gives them teachings that do not lead to knowing what Jesus did when He comes to this earth in the flesh so they do not know also about His second coming in the same appearance.

An interesting comparison of God of Christianity and Allah of Islam