If you will think of the work of God you will think of peace and prosperity. But nothing is created perfect on this earth. That is why even if people claim to believe in the Creator they still do not know how to truly believe and have the true faith. The reason is that they are following what is in accordance with their thinking only. Because they do not have a good and true foundation that is why their deeds are not also based on the Bible.

The proof that they do not have true faith, do not believe in God and do not know what to do is the talisman that they have. The prophets and the apostles do not have their talisman with them because the spirit of God is with them and they depended on the source of everything. They did not rush for profit or even desired to live a luxurious life gathering wealth. Even if they can do so using the name of Jesus and with the excuse that it is for the church.

It is because they follow the one that can give salvation to the soul. Money and wealth are not the ones that they pursued but they strive to spread the gospel that was taught to them, They prayed to God for strength and faith that can move mountains and for the people who had receive Christ. But other things happened when all the apostles died. All kinds of lawlessness and greed appeared.

The list and images of the talismans of the Knights’ Templar